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Wiedemann Style 114 Urethane Strippers Internet Prices (USD)
Also Available Online Style 112

*** Muratec Wiedemann ***
Mach II - W- Series, Centrum Series, Motorum Series, Vectrum Series, & Quantum Series
B - Station $21.00 ea.
XB - Station $23.00 ea.
C - Station $26.00 ea.
D - Station $26.00 ea.
D - Station Special Rectangle $30.00 ea.
D - Station - 1" Square $30.00 ea.
E - Station $29.00 ea.
E - Station Special Rectangle $30.00 ea.
F - Station $29.00 ea.
F - Station Special Rectangle $30.00 ea.
F - Station 2" Square $30.00 ea.
G - Station $36.00 ea.
G - Station- Special Rectangle $38.00 ea.
G - Station 2" Square $38.00 ea.
H - Station $36.00 ea.
J- Station $45.00 ea.
K - Station $45.00 ea.

Standard Stripper (Flat Bottom)
Standard Stripper
Special Rectangle Stripper (Ribbed)
Special Rectangle Urethane Stripper
Square Stripper - (Has Already been Used)
Square Stripper

Color Code
Red 95A Shore Hardness, Heavy Duty
Blue 90A Shore Hardness, Medium Duty - Standard
Orange 80A Shore Hardness, Light Duty
Green 70A Shore Harness. Ultra Light Duty - Soft Non Marking
Red - E-Mail us for a Price Super Rebound for High Speed Punching (No Longer Available)

* Durometer is one of several measures of the hardness of a material. Higher numbers indicate harder materials; lower numbers indicate softer materials.

* Prices, color code, and specifications subject to change without notice.

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