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Amada Guide Keys - Sheet Sensors - Miscellaneous

Guide Keys - Sheet Sensors - Miscellaneous
Part Number Description Price
1A MH5MGK-CS Guide Key Thick Turret $29.00
1B MH7MGK-1.25 Guide Key - Auto Index $29.00
1C MH2MGK-1.25 Guide Key 1.25" Station - Auto Index $29.00
2A MH5MGK-3.5 Guide Key 3.5" Station $29.00
2B MH1MGK-4.5 Guide Key 4.5" Station - Auto Index $29.00
2B MH5MGK-4.5 Guide Key 4.5" Station $29.00
2C MH5MGK-3.5C Guide Key $40.00
3A MH7MGK-.5 Guide Key $29.00
3B MH3MGK-1.25 Guide Key 1.25" Station $29.00
3C MH3MGK-1.25B Guide Key 1.25" Station $29.00
4A MH4MGK-3.5 Guide Key $29.00
4A MH4MGK-3.5M Guide Key $29.00
4B MH7MGK-1.5 Guide Key 1.5" Station $29.00
4C MH4MGK-CS Guide Key (Thin Turret) $29.00
5A MH6MGK-3.5 Guide Key $29.00
5B MH2MGK-4.5 Guide Key 4.5" Station $29.00
5C MH5MGK-2 Guide Key 2" Station $29.00
6B MH7M-DV Dove-Tail Unit $ NLA
6B MH7M-DVS Dove-Tail System (6 Pieces) $ NLA
6C MH6M-DV Dove Tail Unit $125.00
6C MH6M-DVS Dove Tail System (5 Pieces) $610.00
7A MH4MGK-1.25 Guide Key $29.00
7B MH4MGK-4.5 Guide Key $29.00
7C MH7MGK-3.5 Die Key 3.5" Station $90.00
8A MH3MSS Sheet Sensor $275.00
8B MH6MSS Sheet Sensor $245.00
    *Prices and Specifications Subject to change 08/08/2017  

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